Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update from the Wild Orange

When I woke up, my mama said I sounded like a donkey. I like donkeys, don't you? Mary rode a donkey on her way to get Baby Jesus. 

That was before she built a hospital.

We went to Mary's hospital, today, to get the donkey noise out. Mary wasn't there, though.

I had to drink a pink potion for the donkey noise. My mama said nice as the people at Mary's hospital are, she hopes she doesn't have to see them ever again.

(We had seven visits to the doctor's office and Mary's hospital in two weeks.)

We missed Sunday school and church, today, so we decided to visit Jesus on our way home. I love Jesus. He's not a baby, anymore. He's really big.

I wanted to thank Jesus for giving us another baby! He listened when I prayed!

I hope He heard the "brother" part of my prayer. I have one brother and one sister, already. But my sister climbs on my back and makes horse noises. She pulls my hair. So I want a brother. I'm going to name him Chip.

The end. Love, Clementine

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