Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Erin, Dave, and Mira drove all the way from Chicago and arrived Thursday evening. We chose pumpkins at Chesterfield Berry Farm; carved said pumpkins with the help of Erin's brother Cy (who lives in Indy but works nearby); attended church and Rachel's family's fall festival; visited the zoo; and trick-or-treated. Throw in lots of excellent food and some gaming on the PS3, and you have the big picture...with the help of the big picture, above.

Charleigh Evangeline decided to take off walking on halloween...for Erin and Dave, while I was in the bathroom. Doesn't that just figure? She waited until that exact moment for spite; she'd been overhearing me say, for months, that I wanted her to walk by halloween, and she thought to herself: "I'll show that mama!"

Our friends left this morning. I cried. Then I distracted myself by shopping halloween clearance. Next year, a child named after a fruit will dress up like a character named after a different fruit. Can you figure it out? Hint: pink wig.

Happy November! And Happy, Happy Birthday to my beautiful mommy!

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