Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dream of Grandma

Grandma, Clementine, and Mom. 2009.

She came to me in a dream, my grandma. I should've been with her, that day, but I hadn't wanted Charleigh to pass on the croup.

The pediatrician had asked: "Maybe just keep Charleigh from breathing on your grandma?" I had looked at her and shaken my head with sadness. Charleigh's breathing on Grandma had been pretty much the whole point.

So I didn't go to Grandma, but Grandma came to me.

In my dream, she looked into my eyes and said: "There's something wrong with my mind." Then she said it again: "There's something wrong with my mind, and I can't remember things, but bring your children to me, anyway. I can talk to them about what's happening right now.

"I can't remember who you are," she continued, "But you love Jesus, don't you?"

I nodded, grabbed her, sobbed into her shoulder: "I do! I do love Jesus! I love Him so much!"

And patting my back, she said: "Then we're headed to a better place, and I will know you, when we get there."

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  1. oh my gosh Brandee, I am bawling.....isn't the Lord good to give that to you? Isn't it beautiful? I'll bet in her mind He is talking to her every day. So, beautiful how He gives us peace in such special unique ways.

    Ok, I need to go cry some more.....

    I had a dream about my grandma too right before she passed. It was beautiful too. I got to see my other grandparents too, it was an amazing moment I will never forget.