Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Have Somehow Arrived

When I'm wide awake at 3 AM
to run a hot shower
and sit on the floor in the steam,
rocking and praying aloud
into matted and tangled hair,
just beside the vent of cool air;
to sing "Farther Along" before
administering liquid Tylenol
from a stainless silver spoon
and a dose of Albuterol Sulfate
through a rubber fish mask;
to microwave and cool to tepid
caffeine free peppermint tea
and offer it in an Elmo sippy;
to prop her up on striped pillows
and cover her with a crazy quilt;
and to turn on Yo Gabba Gabba!;

when I'm able to let go calmly,
all my hopes for Thanksgiving
with my people, and his,
not to mention our three-day
babymoon in Sevierville;

when I care only that she rest
with no barking



I feel it deep inside:
I have somehow arrived

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