Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Santa in September


IF I told you: year-round, Santa and Mrs. Claus FedEx my packages more cheaply than I'm able to mail them via the good ol' post office, would you feel a tad jealous?

What if I told you that Santa sits and talks with my babies (who are on their very best behavior, of course) while I fill out the necessary form? I know you'd feel a smidgen jealous, then.

Just remember: jealousy is a sin. If you live 'round here, you have no excuse to be jealous. Nor have you a solid reason to, ever again, mail a package from the post office. Go get your Santa love on at Kathy's Kopies! (If you don't live here, what a great excuse to visit; right?!)

Ask Santa for a hug and a card that says he caught you being good. Up in these here parts, proof of good behavior makes grown-up folks want to break out in song: Falalalala...or, better yet, the Hallelujah Chorus. Because you can say whatever you like about Santa; in my humble opinion, if he inspires good behavior, Jesus done sent him.

Can I get an "amen?" Holla!

Clementine and Charleigh were decked out in halloween shirts, today. I explained to Santa: we meant no disrespect; it's just that halloween comes before Christmas, and all. Santa said he understood but noted: the baby hardly needs to wear orange with her bright, pumpkin-colored hair.

Clementine introduced Santa to Charleigh; explained that her brother Cade was in school; and told Santa we're praying, hard, for God to send a brother named Chip. Santa didn't indicate whether or not he'd be able to help fulfill that request. I'm thinking this Christmas is definitely a long shot.

Ho, ho, ho, anyway. Yo.

(Speaking of holidays, are you getting your photos together for the Hair Scare n Share? Oct. 1, Baby!)

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