Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday, Jim Dear

I like to imagine God knitting you together.
Connecting bone and sinew.
Thinking of me. Thinking of them.

I'm sure I would've been your friend
in second or fifth grade,
but when (just past half-forty!) I met you,
I didn't trust our hum and spark.

I almost grieve the time lost,
sometimes, between you and you,
but would walk across broken glass
for him, and it wasn't bad as that.

Nor was it good as this: you, my rock
of the anchoring, not sinking, variety.
The way your eyes convey forever.
The way your hands beg right now.

(Happy 40th Birthday, Jim Dear. Love, Darling.)

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  1. This lovely! Happy birthday to your husband.
    (Thanks for stopping by my blog.)

    Kateri @