Friday, September 30, 2011

Hair Scare n Share: Contest / Link-up / Giveaway

Welcome to the Hair Scare n Share.
I've had all kinds of hair.

(The boy in the photos is my brother.
The tiny girl wearing stripes with me, just above, is my friend Stacey.
Check out her blog, sometime.)

I've had mullet-with-a-spike hair:

And mullet-with-a-perm hair:

(Top L: Carlena. Top R: My h.s. bestie Matthew. 
A blog post about him is forthcoming.
Bottom L: Cade. Doesn't Baby Charleigh look like him?
Bottom R: My girl Christy. I was pregnant with Clementine.)

I've had this hair:

And this hair,
which is very much like my hair right now, actually:

(Top L: My Cousin-sister Andrea. Top R. & Bottom L.: Cade)

I've had bob-with-a-bun hair.
This photo makes me laugh;
do I look like the Grinch, or what?

I've had hair with blonde streaks:

(That's Erin with me, above.)

I've had Lisa Rinna hair.
(I almost didn't include this photo because
to remember living the misery in my face
makes me want to cry.)

Above, with Cade.

I've had this hair *shudder*:

I've had this growing-out-from-there hair:

And, finally, I've had incredibly windblown hair:

Again, with Erin.

What about you?
Have you a fun hair photo
(or two, or fifty?) to share?

Put it/them in a blog post and link that specific post up, below, for a chance to win a bucket of Halloween candy, shipped.  Please use the Smooth Stones button (in the right-hand margin of my blog) to direct others back to this post.

The link-up will be open for one week and will end October 8. The winner will be announced on or before October 10.

Jim Dear will be the judge. The person whose photo makes him laugh hardest, wins. If link-ups intimidate you, e-mail normalgirl (at) hotmail (dot) com, and I'll help you. If you don't have a blog but want to participate, e-mail, and I'll help you. Continental U.S., please, unless you've been commenting/following prior to this post. Rated G, of course.

This contest ended at 12 AM,
 October 9, 2011 EST.

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