Monday, September 12, 2011

In Submission

Proud to say: I've got all my beasties and demons fettered. 
I stamp their collars with hearts, just to drive home the point.
I've got this dragon what puffs out a little smoke, in protest,
but I don't pay him no mind; he's just a bunch of hot air.
I walk him by leash, in the park, and people gape and gawk,
'cause I'm decked out in the whole armor of Christ, yo.
And I don't go nowhere without whistling me some Dixie.


My eight-year-old friend Abi created the above artwork in her Young Rembrandts class. I fell in love and asked if I might borrow it to inspire a creative project of my own. Abi's curious mom laughed and offered me, without reservation, the thing for which I asked. I hope my poem does the artwork justice.

Someday, when Abi is older, I want her to understand that her mom loved me, hard, even when I didn't have my beasties in submission.

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  1. I'd say you did the artwork justice. The poem made me smile. Your little friend is very talented.

    kateri @