Friday, August 30, 2013

Prayer Meeting of the Blogosphere (5)

Welcome to the fifth, old-fashioned prayer meeting in this space. I'm so glad you're here and that we can come together in this way! I'm not going to share any specific prayer requests, today (Those I mentioned before stand!), but instead, offer a prayer for the new school year:

Heavenly Father, what a busy time of year this is for so many of us. We and our children are learning at home, in public school, in private school, in technical school, in college, etc. Some of us feel the pressure more than others. Help us to take a deep breath and enter this school year calmly and with peace.

I pray foremost for Your protection, Lord; I think of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, last year, and know I'm not alone in battling fear over my children's safety. Place a hedge of protection around us, our children, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, etc.

Help us to be good learners, Father, and to fulfill joyfully whatever roles You have for us in our various, educational environments. Help us to support and encourage one another, and all for Your glory. In Your Son's name I pray, amen.

Now it's your turn! Would you like to participate in an old-fashioned prayer meeting of the blogosphere? Here are some ideas:

  • You can pray about my prayer request.
  • You can share a prayer request by means of a comment.
  • You can share a prayer request on your personal blog and direct me to your post by means of a comment.
  • You can pray about a participant's prayer request.
  • You can write a prayer about my, your, or someone else's prayer request (in comments hither or yon, on your blog, etc.). If your prayer is somewhere other than this place, please direct me as you can and will.
  • You can join in praying my or someone else's prayer.
  • You can share an update regarding a prayer request you've made here, in the past. 

Don't be alarmed if I don't post your comment or respond right away; my computer time will be extremely limited until Tuesday evening. Wednesday would be a great time to check back! Thank you again for being here, and I hope to see you next week, if not before.


  1. Prayers for Miss Gracie as we meet with the urologist on Tuesday. This mama is worried and scared about what our treatment plan may be.

    1. Glad we got to catch up a little today, Christy. I did see this comment (from my remote location, on Jim's sluggish cell) and pray several times for our little friend leading up to today's appointment. I'll continue to pray for her as you seek a second opinion. xo

  2. Brandee -- pray for my son. He's in his early 20's and is just so angry. "Surround him with love and peace" please.
    Thank you for this

  3. Lord, heal and strengthen my friend Tera who was stricken this week with meningitis and in the hospital. Thank You for protecting the baby she's carrying. Please continue to do so. Remove her rash and bring all test results back to normal so she can return home to her husband and children. May the rest of her pregnancy and delivery be healthy, full-term, and without complications, in Jesus' name. Amen.

  4. Oh, and that butterfly photo is gorgeous!!! I might need that file, hint, hint. :)

  5. Heavenly Father, I come to you unworthy, but grateful for your forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ. I agree with my s-i-C, Brandee, in asking for protection and grace for all school children, their parents and teachers. God be with us this year and keep us safe. I lift up my son and his job situation. I pray for all those out of work and desiring employment. God provide work and ambition for them. I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

  6. Father, thank You for these who have gathered here to pray and request prayer for their loved ones. I lift up David's son and happygirl's son to You. I pray foremost for these young men's relationships with You, as I know that every good gift comes from You: whether a love- and peace-filled spirit or employment and its blessings. I pray that these young men will draw close to You and find their needs met. I pray also for health and strength for Tera and her baby. Shore up this family, Father, and send helpers. We love You so and pray in Jesus's name, amen.