Sunday, August 11, 2013

On Being a Couch Rebel

Bottom line: I wrote a story about stepping out of my comfort zone, and it's going to be included--along with 85 other, similarly-themed stories--in CausePub's Kindle ebook* Couch Rebels, which will be available for purchase through Amazon in three days, on Wednesday, August 14th. I'd like to invite you to purchase a copy for the same reason I'm going to purchase a copy...for the same reason I got involved in the project to begin with:

Every copy sold will provide clean water to 3 people in Africa via Blood:Water Mission. The goal of this Cause is to sell 15,000 copies and impact 45,000 lives.

This is my first experience with CausePub (a for-profit crowd-book-publishing company that partners with nonprofits to help them achieve specific goals within specific causes), and Couch Rebels will be CausePub's first book. So, I'll be honest: there are many things I don't know. I haven't seen the finished product, and I have no idea how many copies of Couch Rebels will be sold or if the goal of the Cause will be met.

What I do know, again, is that every copy sold will provide clean water to 3 people in Africa via Blood:Water Mission.

What I do know is that 50%+ of all sales will go directly to the cause for as long as copies are sold.

I know that 20% of sales for the first six months will be divided among authors. I've prayed about this and want to pledge: 50% of my personal, author royalties will go directly to Africa Inland Mission to benefit the Owens Family**. (I have not spoken with the Owens family about this.)

Finally, I know that the more copies sold this Wednesday, August 14th, the better. You would bless in signing up to buy the book here.

The irony in my asking you to buy a book about stepping out of one's comfort zone is this: asking you to buy outside of my comfort zone! I wouldn't ask you to do it if I didn't believe there to be great potential, here, to make a difference. Thank you for your time and consideration.

*If you don't own a Kindle but have an Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone, you can read the book using a free Kindle app.

**To read more about the Owens family and their work in Kenya, click here.


  1. That is awesome! I will have to wait till midSeptember to buy a copy, but I love the cause/the idea of doing something like this.

  2. sounds like a pretty cool book...i will def check it out...and bottom line is it i for a great cause....good job getting out of your comfort zone...smiles.

  3. I will buy a copy of this book just because you are asking, Brandee. And, I want to read your beautiful writing.

  4. ps...the kids are home as of last night...

  5. yahhhhhh, I have one on order! I love that you got accepted this is an honor. I am so proud of you!

  6. Brandee,

    I'm reading this post, and scrolling down to read the other ones too: about your son, his absence, your missing him, the prayer times together online, and the hard conversations with friends over the phone but the love that stays there anyway. Yes.... I have that, get that too.

    The book? Fun! I'll look into that. Congratulations, and I love that it's going to a good cause too. I used to live in West Africa, and the countries, the food, and the beautiful people get into one's blood, I'm convinced of it. :)

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan