Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Guest Post by My Rising Eighth Grader

 A Guest Post by My Rising Eighth Grader

I'm doing this blog post because I have to in order to get my stuff back. These things are my phone, Kindle, iPod, and video games. The reason I don't have them is because my final grade* in English was a C.

At first, I thought I had gotten all A's and B's because I got a certificate from the school saying I did. But it was a mistake because when the report card came it had the bad English grade** on it. So all of my stuff got taken.

I was also forced to read a book with Mom.*** It was even worse because she called it the "Mommy and Me Book Club."

I learned that Mom keeps her promises when it comes to punishments, and I learned that if it happens again it will be worse. So this year I'm going to get all A's and B's so this won't happen. Hopefully I won't ever have to write a blog post again.


Notes from the Mean Mommy

*We found out the first week in July and took away the aforementioned items right away.

**C in English is only a bad grade if 1) the student is in a TAG (Talented and Gifted) class for English, having displayed giftedness in this area, 2) the student has earned the C based sheerly upon his refusal to complete homework, and 3) the student's mother--who possesses an M.A. in English--made herself available to assist on a daily basis.

***I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars: Adele Geras's Troy.


  1. Life is tough Cade. Your mother tourchered me for years. I survived and so will you. I layed out of school one time and she found out before mom and dad did. Her ultimatum was I had to tell them or she would. I fessed up but always kinda resented her for that. She did the right thing I was running with a questionable crowd. It still sucked. Keep your chin up and your grades higher!!
    Uncle Buck

    1. Notes from the Mean Sister

      At the point at which I learned about the laying out of school, the student had skipped something like 3 or 4 days in a row. Teachers and administrators were looking for him, and it was only a matter of time before the parental units found out. It was only for fear of having my hind end beaten as a co-conspirator that I issued the ultimatum.

  2. I'd rather have a mom that cared about my progress in school than one that didn't care. I guess that's why I was a mom that cared and still cares so much. I cannot tell you how hard it is to follow through on a punishment to a child. Mom's get tired. Follow through is hard work.

  3. well................ my daughters will tell you that I was either president or vice president of the mean mom club in my day...... I wasn't as creative as your mom and didn't have a blog in the day but I had bathrooms that needed to be cleaned and dishes that needed to be washed..... so ........ I don't know which is worse or more effective but I say........ whatever your mom does (if its out of love) is the right thing. I would bet my life that it is out of "love" she is making this your "punishment" . I will also say that life is full of "lessons" and "perspectives" and "expectations" ..... and the lack of....... I would also bet my life that the "lack of" is far worse than having them. Your mamma loves you and now the world does because they can relate to you.. its not a bad thing :)