Wednesday, August 28, 2013

12 Things I Learned in August 2013

1) One of the very nicest things a husband can do for a stay-at-home-mom of a wife is to take sick days when she, at last, goes down. Jim took two sick days, this month, so I could rest and recover.

2) My aunt Doris and I have musophobia in common, among other things. I love reading her blog Motherly Advice from Nin. You can check it out here.

3) I watched several good! movies this month, including The Place Beyond the Pines and (at Byrd Theatre) The Great Gatsby. None of them excited me as much as Safety Not Guaranteed. I could kiss it on the lips. It's Brandee like The Wizard of Oz, Big Fish, Sliding Doors, Stardust. It's so Brandee that I want everyone I know to watch it and, one by one, call me up to talk about it. I LOVE Safety Not Guaranteed. It's free on Netflix; watch it (and call me up)!

4) Speaking of Big Fish, it's a new Broadway musical. I'm already planning a romantic weekend in NYC with my man: early next year, after I've weaned the baby. Oh, and do you know The Wizard of Oz will be released for IMAX in September? (I learned that prior to August but thought I'd mention it, anyway; I can't wait!)

5) Circus on PBS is totally worth watching.

6) From the Metro Richmond Zoo (and doubled-checked online, because the zoo doesn't always get it right): Galapagos tortoises can live up to a year without eating or drinking and, in the 1800s, were stored below ship decks--alive and on their backs--as a source of human food. Isn't that sad?

7) From the news: to watch out for "sliders"; for my own protection, to disable geotagging on my cell phone; and--gross!--about a sea snail's hatching inside a kid's knee.

8) My dad invented a handy-dandy gate latch. $15.99. Do you need one?

9) From Sandra Heska King: the words "silent" and "listen" contain the same letters.

10) From Julia Prentice: the Little Spotted Kiwi of New Zealand is nocturnal and kicks to protect itself. The girls and I were looking at a picture of it in their Visual Encyclopedia of Animals, and they wanted to know if it pecks (no) or bites (no). Instead of running an Internet search, I asked Julia. I love that I have a sweet sister in New Zealand, now, thanks to blogging...and Jesus.

11) This flower, which I photographed at the state park, is a passion flower. It has its own, beautiful legend revolving around the crucifixion of Christ.

12) I learned a lot about William Branch Giles upon visiting his (private) former home The Wigwam. Later the same day, I stumbled upon this wonderful website, which includes photos of all Virginia's historical markers.

Charleigh, Horseback Riding at The Wigwam. That's my beautiful friend Elizabeth leading the horse.

Clementine, Horseback Riding at The Wigwam.

I'll eventually link this post at Emily Freeman's Chatting at the Sky; I think she'll publish on Friday?, but I post prayer meetings on Fridays, so I'm writing my list, now. To read twelve things I learned in July 2013, click here.


  1. When you are learning something new then it has been a success. I'd say August was a success. Here comes fall what will that bring?

    And yes, you have a gem....two days sick leave on your behalf, yip you have yourself a keeper for life.(smile)

  2. Learning is a good thing to be able to do. So many refuse to accept new things and learn for instance how to use the computer. You have a nice list for this month. My new post is learning to be content. Thank you for visiting and your comments on Butting Heads.