Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anjie and the Gift of RAOK

One thing about me: when my inner Debbie Downer surfaces, I let her jump out and full-on dance around in her bikini. I go ahead and give her a day before I kick her back in the water; climb up on her shoulders; and chicken fight for happiness.

I woke up, today, thinking: joy comes in the morning, and--whatever happens today--it ain't gonna be as bad as yesterday. And it wasn't. I tried to write more sadness, but it wasn't working out, and I realized: I just want to focus on the positive. I just want to write about Anjie.

Anjie, Swiped from Her Facebook

A mutual friend introduced me to Anjie because I needed boxes to ship cookies, and Anjie always has boxes. She has the skinny on how to "save money, win things, and get free stuff," so she gets buttloads of boxes in the mail. Anjie and I were, in fact, a match made in heaven because not only did she have things I needed, but--because of her commitment to everyone's avoiding waste and getting free stuff--she was thrilled to know: her empty boxes were destined to be filled with happiness in cookie form.

Then Anjie became the best customer of Clementine's Cookies. She ordered plenty of cookies to be shipped but even more, I think, to be delivered. She loved my showing up on a discouraged someone's doorstep with a note from her and cookies hot out my oven.

Anjie is all about random acts of kindness (RAOK).

So, from boxes and cookie deliveries, Anjie and I developed a real friendship. We've spent most of our time together over biscuits and gravy at Frisby's, but we've also adventured in thrift and attended a Sweet Tea Social (because--now that I blog--we have that in common, too).

Anjie, the girls, and I were supposed to have breakfast together the morning God answered my question. So I cancelled on Anjie.

Then Anjie showed up on my doorstep with a vat of macaroni and cheese. There's been only one other occasion in my life that I've seen such a vast amount of mac n cheese. (Uncle Bernie's snickering, about now.) Anjie brought enough mac n cheese to feed my entire family for the better part of a week. And to make sure it was the most comforting of all comfort food? She threw in lots of bacon and potato chips.

It was divine. I'm telling you, people: I was comforted.

Anjie also brought a wreath made out of crayons and a bunch of other, crayon-themed stuff for the girls. Last two bathtimes, Clementine's drawn on the walls of our tub (with her new, tub crayons) whilst announcing passionately, over and over: "Miss Anjie's so cool! Miss Anjie's so cool!"

And she is. Anjie's cool as snot. Because here's the thing about Anjie: life has tried its hardest to beat the crap out of her, and Anjie has zero relationship with Debbie Downer. She doesn't even know that slimy chick's address.

And even if she did? Anjie wouldn't consort with Debbie Downer. Anjie would send a random someone over to Debbie Downer's stoop with cookies hot out the oven.

Get to know my girl (Anjie, not Debbie!) here, here, or here. She'll help you turn your frown upside-down in a hot minute.

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