Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Projects

I jumped on the bandwagon awhile back and joined Pinterest. It took only a hot minute for me to realize that it could very easily become just one more, big fat waste of my time: especially because of my predilection for controlled chaos of the Pinterest variety.

So I made a deal, of sorts, with myself: use it, or lose in, try things based upon these inspiring images, or find a better use for my time. I created a board called "Tried It & Liked It" onto which I pin every time I try and like something.

I've tried several recipes, by now, also two activities for my girls. But I thought I might share with you the Pinterest-inspired, crafty-type things I've done.

This is a bulletin board at my church. It's a little hard to tell, but the words of John 3:16 are lined up so the word "Valentine" runs down the page in red. I went "King James" and used stencils instead of stickers. The red and white background came from the  Dollar Tree; it's a tablecloth! I bought the heart garland at the Dollar Tree, too.

I love footprint, handprint, and fingerprint art! This hangs in my dining room and looks so sweet with the green curtains Mom made for me, recently.

This is actually the sixth such craft I made. (I also made two birds, two owls, and a rooster.) The words are from this Magpie I wrote awhile back. I tore the dictionary pages out of a humongous dictionary my grandma gave me; I'd carried it from place to place for twenty years but never used it. I love knowing that pages from my grandma's dictionary hang, now, in the homes of five of my friends. Pinterest inspired this particular piece by providing not only the general idea but also the photo from which I took the elk silhouette.

I need to better affix some of the lower pinecones, and the bow is all wrong. Doesn't it look like a bath scrunchie?

I really like this little grapevine wreath covered entirely with Sweet Gum balls. Obviously, I haven't decorated it at all, yet.

What about you? What sorts of new things have you been trying, lately?

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