Monday, January 9, 2012

Jesus and Mama Always Loved Me

Mom said she'd sent a package she hoped would cheer me up, and I'll admit to thinking there wasn't much in a box could do that, right now. But the mailman brought the package to the door, today; I opened it; and what do you know?

It cheered me up.

Mom made valances for my dining room.

Awhile back, I found this fabric at the Good Will for $2. I gasped when I saw the floral pattern: so Brandee! When I got home, Jim and I held the fabric up to one of the windows in the dining room and discovered: there was exactly enough to dress each of the four windows with a valance.

So I wrote (here) about how the green, floral fabric proves: my Heavenly Father wants to delight me.

Evidently, so does my mom.

I'd forgotten entirely about giving Mom the fabric at Christmas. (I'd forgotten most happy things, to be honest.)

But my mom hadn't forgotten. She was thinking of me and wondering what she could do, eight hours away in East Tennessee, to help me feel better. So she sewed up my valances and paid more in shipping than I paid for fabric.

It does help to know we're loved, doesn't it? Jesus and Mama always have loved me.

Life's a picture that you paint
With blues and grays and cans and can'ts
Heaven knows I'm not a saint
But I know

Jesus and mama always loved me
Even when the devil took control
Jesus and mama always loved me
This I know

-Confederate Railroad

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