Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweet Tea Social

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I have a friend named Becky who just moved here from Minnesota. Like, JUST. So I find it a little ironic that she invited me to a social in Richmond. Also that I was one of three people in attendance whom she'd invited. That girl. She cracks me up.

One might say she's a social force. A Sweet Tea Social force.

I haven't much to blog that hasn't been blogged, already, about the Sweet Tea Social. What I can tell you is that I cheated, a little, in attending because I'm not a DIY or crafting blogger.

I didn't care. I really needed a break from my kids, and this was the perfect excuse to wear a dress without someone's smearing food on me; to conversate with other adults, interruption-free; and to eat my very own piece of cheesecake.

After lunch, half the group proceeded to Hobby Lobby. I wasn't among those five bloggers; I don't know what I might've purchased, at Hobby Lobby. Besides, I was on a quest for cheap, silver tennis shoes. (I found them.)

But I loved lunch, and I loved seeing/meeting each blogger in attendance.

So allow me to introduce you to my bloggy buddies and direct you to their virtual spaces (ideally, to their Sweet Tea Social posts):

Michelle of the Bell-sounding Laugh, our co-host
Allison the Mover and Shaker, our co-host
Becky, the Sweet Tea Social Force
Traffic Jam Linda, who Blogged a Decent Picture of Me (Thank you, Linda!)
Anjie, a Real-life Powhatan Pal Before She Became My Bloggy Buddy
Kristol the Accessorizer-Photographer
Jennifer, the Anti-St.-Thomas Blogger,
and Cheryl and Patty

Now. Here's my favorite part of my Sweet Tea Social story. My heart has quite attached itself to Anita: someone on the attendee list who couldn't--in the end--attend. I'd connected with her prior to the event because...get this: she has my last name, only spelled differently. We look enough alike that we could be related, and I can't quite explain it, but, already, I claim her as family.

I opened the mailbox, tonight, and found a letter from Anita inside: handwritten, exquisite, heartfelt. I needed that letter. More than I can say, I needed it, and I thank Michelle and Allison and Becky! for the part they played in its finding its way, here.

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