Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting One Up on Rachel

Lately, my little Charleigh has taken to leaning out of my arms and reaching for Rachel, 
while screaming: "MOM!"

This bothers me much less than you might imagine because, I mean, 
Charleigh's chosen the perfect back-up.

Plus not to mention, I'm accustomed to Rachel's immense popularity. 
I just feel blessed that she always picks me.

So, anyway. Today, Rachel's son Zach picked me over her, and it knocked my socks off.
Well, not really, because the people at Monkey Joe's will kick a person out quick
if she doesn't keep her socks on.

But here's how it went down. Also, how we went down. Watch carefully:

Ok. That was Rachel, Zach, and Clementine coming down the big slide. Now watch this:

That was Zach and me, coming down the big slide. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Today I discovered the one good thing about having a little junk in my trunk. I FLY like the wind down the big slide at Monkey Joe's. And--after Zach had come down the big slide with me--he was no longer interested in coming down the big slide with his mama's tiny hiney. He just kept yelling: "BRON-DEE!"

So it turned out to be a good day, after all, and now I think I'll go take off Jim's cap and wash my hair.

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