Monday, February 27, 2012

Book Review: Psalm 91

I promised, here, that--after finishing--I would write a fuller review of Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth. I know it's a little odd to link a book review for Anne's Heritage of Faith Friday, but honestly? I know God compelled Jim to buy this book for me, also that reading it will absolutely change my Walk, moving forward.

I'll admit to wondering if it would become tiresome to read so much about one Psalm, but Ruth's dissection of Psalm 91 isn't at all tedious; in fact, I found it insightful and even inspired! The second half of the book includes real-life stories of men and women who've relied upon the promises written in Psalm 91: promises to which Ruth refers as "God's Covenant of Protection," or "God's Shield of Protection." (If you love the "His Mysterious Ways" stories in Guideposts, you'll love the second half of Psalm 91!)

Ruth reminds us: Jesus said in Luke 24:44 that all things concerning Him in the Psalms must be fulfilled (109). I'll admit: I haven't always taken the Psalms seriously enough. Ruth points out so many valuable truths from Psalm 91, in particular. For example, she focuses in on the words "I will say" at the beginning of Verse 2 and the importance of speaking God's Word aloud (11). In writing about chickens in her yard, she provides a powerful visual of the sheltering wing of the Lord (26). In Chapters 6-9, she explains carefully how Psalm 91:5-6 refer to constant protection from every imaginable threat, and I could go on and on.

But I think my favorite words in Psalm 91 are these:

My husband believes that too few Christians ever use their authority. Too often they pray when they should be taking authority! For the most part, Jesus prayed at night and took authority all day. It is not the time to start praying when we encounter the enemy; we need to be already prayed up by then. When we encounter the enemy, it is the time we need to speak forth the authority we have in the name of Jesus (72).

This concept of taking authority in Jesus's name excites me, and--before Psalm 91 arrived on my doorstep--I'd begun reading a book on praying boldly. I'm excited to resume my reading there and see how the two works coincide. In the meantime, I can't encourage you enough to give Psalm 91 a whirl. Ruth's heart is with our military and those in harm's way; if you're praying for someone in danger, Psalm 91 is a must-read. But I just can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from reading it.

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