Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have a button!

I made a Smooth Stones button! 
I think it works, but I'm going to paste it below and test it.

If you're a button grabber, feel free to grab mine. 
The code is in the sidebar.

If you already have a button or know how to make one, the rest of what I'm about to write won't interest you.  If you don't have a button and would like to make one, I want to preface the rest by saying: I am technologically challenged, and if I can make a button, so can you!

I started by taking a photograph of Cade's and Clementine's hands, this evening, and editing it at picnik.com.  The key was to crop my photo into a perfect square.  After I was completely done editing it to my liking, I resized it to 150x150 before saving it to my computer.  I got this far mostly by following Step 1 of the directions here

At this point, I switched tutorials and started following the directions here, starting with Step 2, and I had no trouble, whatsoever.


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