Friday, February 25, 2011

What Lives Inside

The other day, I rediscovered a poem I wrote a little less than twelve years ago, early in my pregnancy with Cade:


Even when the pregnancy test was positive,
It was hard for me to believe I was harboring you
I remember the time, as a child, when I allowed
Jesus within, somehow accepting His invisibility
I am told faith without sight is a good thing, but I
Find it easier, now, to wait for you than Jesus, as
I have seen and heard your busy heartbeat, but
Jesus is as inconspicuous as ever, and I am
Thankful for the sensory manners in which
Your inhabitation has been revealed; still, if
You bump Jesus in there, give Him my love

So, yeah, I just want to say: I don't find Jesus inconspicuous, anymore.  These days, I know He's in there.  And I am really very happy about (and grateful for) that.

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