Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mommy Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father:

Thank You for my children.  Thank You for their health.  Thank You for all the things that make each of them so special and unique.  Thank You for entrusting my children to me.  Thank You for their love for me and trust of me; help me be found worthy of these things.

Help me focus on the positive, even when I am overwhelmed.  Help me really notice and appreciate all my children's best qualities.  Help me enjoy their individual stages and realize they're fleeting...that some of the things that drive me crazy, now, will be the very things I'll miss and want back, later.  (Help me, especially, enjoy the stage of the Orange.)

Help me correct my children with love.  Help me remember: I am not made for roaring.

Help me remember: I, too, can be difficult to parent, but You've had endless patience with me.  Help me--during this season of my life--become more like You.

Help me be a witness for You inside these walls, where it's so important to be my best self...and where it's so easy not to be.  Help me teach my children to love You through my words and actions.

Please forgive me for all my failures and shortcomings, yesterday, and help me do better, today.

In Your name I pray,

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