Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day

I changed lots of diapers and one outfit.  I put Clementine on her Elmo potty seat.

I made two sippy cups of chocolate milk, peeled several oranges, and microwaved some pizza rolls and chicken n dumplings. 

I breastfed the baby (a lot) and fed her applesauce.

I made a double batch of heart-shaped sugar cookies and delivered some of them--along with a love note--to my son, who got off the bus at his dad's, today.

I wrote and delivered a thank-you note to my son's stepmother, who hung out with Cade last Thursday, when I was out of town longer than I had expected.

I prayed for someone who has a Valentine I don't trust.

I talked to Rachel and Jymmi on the phone. I left a message on Sharon's voicemail demanding that she be my Valentine. Then I talked to her when she called me back.

I sent messages to Beth, Christy, Mark, and Matthew on facebook.  I tagged Rena in a bunch of photos.  I sent Michael a friend request.  I read and commented on several blog posts.  I read Darlene's latest draft.

I finished off a bag of Hershey Kisses.

I washed and dried three loads of laundry and folded two.

I wrote a love note to my husband and put it in a little pink mailbox, and then I put the flag up.  I put pictures of the girls in monkey frames.  I put monkey key-toppers and the monkey frames in a little gold bag and added some red tissue paper.

I called my parents, brother, and neighbor Virginia Ann.

I took out the trash and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.

I read Clementine her favorite train book, and we practiced saying: "I love you."

I laughed when Jim came in the door with two shiny red balloons, saying that the third shiny red balloon had escaped him outside the store.  I opened the box the mailman brought to find, inside, the Ann Voskamp book for which I had asked.

I read Hebrews 11 to Jim.

(I wrote this blog post and took these pictures to say: I hope your day and hearts were filled to the very brim with love, too.)


  1. Sounds like a Valentine's Day filled with love, poured from a mother's, daughter's, friend's heart. Lovely and sacred.

  2. What an adorable picture!! What a wonderful day!

  3. So glad you had a fabulous Valentine's Day and that you made lots of others have a fabulous Valentine's day as well!