Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Vacation 2013: Lexington, Kentucky

We covered the most ground (making a seven-hour drive in eight hours) on the first day, and I do think that's the way to go: driving as much as possible while everyone's still chomping at the bit. My parents had taken Cade home to Tennessee with them after his sisters' dance recital; we needed to get him back before anything else. I'd read about a Bible-themed mini golf course in Lexington, Kentucky and suggested meeting up there.

My parents, being my parents (because it had to come from somewhere), were totally up for playing a game of Bible putt putt, so we ate sandwiches in the parking lot before we adults proceeded to take turns wrangling monkeys on the green of the Old Testament course.

It was hot as fire, and you need to know: in my mind, I'm saying that "hot as far" with a Tennessee accent, which means it was very hot, indeed. Still fun, though.

Ok, funny thing about this photo is that Dad told Charleigh there was a troll under the bridge.
She didn't hesitate; she went after it with her putter.

Chip and Mom

Dad and Chip

The girls loved the sprinkler at the end: looks like praise and worship to me!

My dad put (putted?) us all to shame. The next day, we made one more stop in Lexington before heading on to Indianapolis. I can't show you my photos, though, because we were on a top-secret birthday mission for someone we love.


Brandee's and Jim's Travel Tips

Believe it or not, we packed a DVD player and movies for the girls but never used them. Here are some items we wouldn't have wanted to travel without:
  • the green potty (little more than a cup),
  • Ziploc bags for divvying up snacks,
  • a picnic blanket (I carry a large, queen-sized sheet everywhere!),
  • books (I prefer large books that contain many children's stories in one volume.),
  • blankets and pillows,
  • insect repellent, sunscreen, and a first aid kit,
  • the girls' cots, which fold up like camp chairs and take up very little space,
  • pipecleaners and sticker books (the most popular playthings), and
  • a multi-plug charger for our GPS, phones, Kindles, iPods, etc.


  1. That last photo...priceless! Also, like the photos of the grandparents with the kiddos. :)

  2. Charleigh and the troll... Grinning.

    Seriously, didn't you pack a brick to put on that boy's head? Maybe it's the perspective, and it does look like he might be standing on a slight ramp, but Cade looks as tall as the grown-ups!

    Thanks for sharing your travel experience. I hope the re-entry wasn't too brutal.

  3. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos espcially as elizabeth said...... that last one............ priceless is right