Saturday, July 13, 2013

Family Vacation 2013: Indy, Pt. 3

My life--and the lives of my four children--flashed before my eyes in Indianapolis. I was pushing Chip's umbrella stroller in the parking garage of the Children's Museum--the other three children crowded around me like ducklings--when a gray-haired woman very nearly backed into (over?) us with her car. I screamed bloody murder, and Jim ran bellowing up to the car and--enraged by his own fear--punched its roof with both fists. The woman and what I assume was her granddaughter looked through the passenger-side window to the place where the children and I stood (having passed safely behind the car by mere inches), and I waved sadly at my babies. Here they whole whole very nearly took them from me in a careless instant.

The driver didn't roll down her window or step out of her car; she was probably intimidated, for good reason, by my husband. She honked at us, driving away.

It took some time for me to stop shaking like a leaf. I offer praise to the Lord for our safety.

When I told my mom this story, she got hung up on the age of the woman: "Well, how old was she? Was she my age? Was she older than I am?" Good grief. I don't think of my mom as being gray-haired or a grandmother, even though she's both.

Anyway. Daleen had given us a coupon for the Children's Museum, so two of the children got in for half price. Still, it was the second-most expensive activity of our trip (the most expensive being Jim's and Cade's visit to Enchanted Castle). Totally worth it. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is so amazing that--if I lived in or near Indy, with or without children--I'd almost certainly buy a membership.

All of us (seven months to forty-one years) had a great time. We split up for a little less than an hour so I could take the little kids to watch Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale in the museum's Lilly Theater; otherwise, we stuck together.

Avatar Exhibit

Set of Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

Chip's First Carousel Ride

Charleigh's so random. She hates this sort of thing, normally.

From the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, we traveled to the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indy, where we ate dinner at 3 Sisters Cafe; you may recognize the name from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

 Oh. my. word.

Charleigh with Carly: a banana bear-face pancake

Amazing how long a kid will stay quiet if you give her butter and a butter knife!

Jim's Breakfast Burrito...on a Full-sized Plate

Cade with His D'Nai, as featured on DDD

The Inside of the D'Nai (slow roasted fresh ham with low-country braised kale and pepper jack)

My Green Grilled Turkey (turkey, pesto, avocado, red onion, and swiss on rye)

Of everything he ate on vacation, Jim liked my potato salad best. It was delicious; I'd call it the best garlic overdose I've ever experienced. Like, if there are any vampires around, I'm still all good.


Brandee's and Jim's Travel Tips

1) Coupons: check online, coupon books (from area rest-stops, travel centers and grocery stores), and with area friends for them. Also check with area friends regarding deals to specific attractions. For example, I remember that--a few years ago, when we wanted to visit Hershey Park--Aunt Ellie advised us to buy our tickets from an area grocery store instead of at the park, itself: cheaper.

2) Even if you don't plan to eat out, take the time to research which restaurants you'd like to visit if given the opportunity. I'd done this, but--thanks to rush hour and rain--the kids needed to eat in route, one night. Jim's and my one and only regret from vacation is spending good money (more money, Jim moaned, than we spent at 3 Sisters) on nasty food at a family restaurant somewhere between Chicago and Indy.

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  1. I am so glad your guardian angel was with you in that parking garage. Distracted driving is an epidemic in this nation. That museum looked like it was so cool. I have to catch up on your blog to learn all about your great vacay. I love the mid-west. :)