Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Keys, Pt. 1

As I mentioned, here: Jim lost his keys. We'd just returned from spring break (having used my vehicle and keys for a week) when he realized they were missing. We still haven't found them.

After five days of searching, we had the truck towed to a local dealership to have a replacement key made. Almost unbelievably, someone there found a "hide key"--that we hadn't hidden--on the outside of the truck. So, for all its inconvenience, the situation cost us nothing. We have Allstate; even the towing was free.
Yesterday, I realized: my keys were missing. The timing felt very unfortunate because, in my minivan, I had my three, little children; a hot meal and gift for friends who'd just welcomed a baby; a hot meal for Cade's other family; my children's outgrown clothing to share with friends; and all the essential personal items (including camera) for my travels...except my keys.

I was already rattled at the moment of my unfortunate discovery because--minutes earlier, as I'd buckled Charleigh into her car seat--I'd heard a strange, little sound and looked down to behold Clementine at my hip and with a rock, scratching paint off the side of my minivan as though she were working a nickel across a scratch-off ticket.

(Earlier in the day, I'd discovered her in a corner with a pair of scissors, cutting a Thomas the Tank coloring book into tiny slivers.)

But it had been a good day none-the-less: a productive day during which I'd made sense of the downstairs in preparation for small (large) group Bible study, and I reminded myself of this as I re-entered the house to look for my keys. The house is picked up!, I encouraged myself in my kindest, inner Mister Rogers voice; surely my keys will be easily found.

(To Be Continued...)


  1. I hope you find your keys quickly. My Catholic friends would add praying to St. Anthony, too.

  2. Yes, a prayer whispered to St. Anthony, for help finding any lost item, can't hurt and usually helps!! Can't wait for the 'continued' part!

  3. Argh! May you find your keys quickly. (I'm praying for you now, in fact, from snowy Minnesota.) I'm thankful too for the cheap key find for your husband's keys earlier. No more hidden key spots for you??! :)

    Re your comment on my post "Camp David and a Danish," I am honored by your honesty and wisdom here. Thank you. It is hard some days, and yet worth it too, huh? I'm rooting for you, and for all of us!

    Jennifer Dougan

  4. ACK! Poor you. I really hope you found your keys. GEESH.

  5. You always bring a smile to my face. I'm not laughing at this situation....it's just I KNOW this exact situation. I am there with you, sister and it makes me smile.

  6. you're seriously stopping here?! I want the rest of the story :)

  7. Going to read part 2. . . but first have to mention there was a time I flipped a meal on a driveway as I took it to deliver for a family with a new baby. I was so stressed out. I think the fact only your keys were missing is impressive, but quite frustrating when everything is ready!