Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break in Chattanooga, Pt. 2

Market Street (or John Ross) Bridge behind the Tennessee Aquarium

On our second day in Chattanooga, we visited the Tennessee Aquarium, which includes an "Ocean Journey" building and a second, "River Journey" building. No sooner did we embark upon our Ocean Journey than I realized: my camera card was full! I'd brought two extras on the trip, but they weren't on my person. Thankfully, neither good images nor good opportunities were lost; I just needed to take a moment and delete a bunch of junk from the card in my camera.

Here are some photos from our Ocean Journey:

Hyacinth Macaws

I think this is a Zebra Longwing.

Mocker Swallowtail, I think.

Mira with a Tawny Owl Butterfly

Clementine with the Tawny Owl

Japanese Sea Nettles, I think.

Cade and West Coast Sea Nettles


Charleigh, demonstrating why she was scared of the real shark.

I have to include the following photo, too, that Erin took. I love it dearly because--and you'll know just what I mean--it's the perfect refection of who Cade is right now (adorable and funny and through-and-through teen):

Photo Credit: Erin Snyder

I love this one of Cade, too. Just before I took it, I overheard him say to his baby brother: "I waited so long for you!" (Talk about a mama's heart melting!)

And here are my favorite photos from our River Journey:

North American River Otter


I'll be honest: as far as I'm concerned, an aquarium is an aquarium. The Tennessee Aquarium is a really nice one, though. Charleigh was completely done by the time we finished touring it, so we opted not to adventure further with our friends. I felt completely jealous for what we missed when, later, I looked at Erin's photos. But maybe next time. Or maybe, next time, Jim and I will leave the children with Nana and Papaw (and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Buck, Uncle Bernie and Aunt Renee, Rob and Sherry, or as many East Tennessee folks as it takes!) and have an adult adventure!

I have one more spring break post to share with you, and it might just be my very favorite.


  1. I have three blogging friends in Chattanooga, and have met them in person. We will be going through there again next month. My former boss is the Executive Director at the Hunter Museum of Art, there in Chattanooga. Did you make it to the art museum? He is quite happy there. I have enjoyed your photos and stories about your vacation!!

    1. I didn't make it to the art museum, but it's at the top of my list. Where do you blog?

  2. Your spring break looks like it was full of fun and adventure! Enjoyed perusing:)