Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break in Chattanooga, Pt. 1

Erin and Dave had spoken highly of Sugar's Ribs, so we all ate dinner there the night we went to Rock City. Ordering overwhelmed me, so I made Jim do it. I can't tell you what I ate, but I had no complaints. I drank a beer. After Rock City, I needed one.

The kids ate and went outside to pet the goats. Yeah, you read that right. They have goats at Sugar's Ribs. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Chattanooga is a (happily) weird place.

That night, we stayed at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Historic Hotel (i.e., The Terminal Station). It's a really cool place but not what I expected, which was more along the lines of Richmond's Byrd Theatre. (I realize that statement will mean nothing to most of you, but the Byrd was built in 1928 and is more "Gatsby" than the hotel.) Here are some photos from the Choo Choo:

Charleigh and Jim in the Pool

There were several things to do at the hotel, but our experience was pretty much limited to the pool and our room, which goes to our one complaint: we had bought a Groupon to stay at the hotel, and--when Jim called--he was advised to book a standard room, given the size of our family, as opposed to a Victorian Train Car.

When we visited Erin's and Dave's train car, it was obvious: we had been ill-advised. Their room appeared to be just as large as ours (albeit differently shaped), and their bathroom was definitely larger than ours. My theory is that the hotel books the exceedingly less cool, standard rooms whenever they can. If our friends hadn't been staying in a train car, we would probably still be none the wiser. If you go to the Choo Choo, request a train car.

One End of Erin's and Dave's Victorian Train Car

Next post: the Tennessee Aquarium.


  1. I had no idea these places existed. My boys would freak their freak if they stayed in a hotel train.

  2. WOW MY KIDS WOULD ADORE THAT PLACE IT LOOKS FABULOUS!!!! and your link on my blog made me cry, what a lovely thing to post to me thank you! xxxxxx