Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Poem for Jim

I've written, before, how
you've saved me from myself:
I've always been most comfortable
with the physical aspects of love;
you've made my touch holy.

Just look at all the mini yous
you've given me to hold
in addition to the 13-year-old
who crowds me in the pew
and does homework at my feet.

The little ones are sick; for days,
I've been trying to bless with baths,
lotion, clean pjs, meds, vaporizer.
For the baby, milk of my own body.
Snuggling for all, most of all.

Yesterday, I held Charleigh
in a comforter on the front porch
so she could breathe cold, fresh air.
We watched a red-capped woodpecker
skitter hungrily, hopefully, up a tree.

What does it all mean? Our home,
our hearts, our arms: they're full.
But catch my eye, every now and then,
just over their sweet-smelling heads.
Show me with a spark and a smirk:

you remember how-why we made them.


  1. big your love...and nice on the poetry as well...i imagine he will cherish this one...happy valentines you two...

  2. yes to the smirk, yes indeed! ;-)

  3. He's a pretty handsome fellow! You did good. :) Love you.

  4. I like hearing from a woman who enjoys her man. Sweet. Happy Valentines Day, friend. You have a good looking husband.

  5. Goodness.... I've been away from this place to long. You're such a great writer, Brandee.

  6. That's a gift to your man. Sweet you.

  7. I love the affection and the blunt-nothing-is-to-sacred in this! And in all your writing, for that matter. Blessings on you and your valentine...

  8. yes this. as mamas we get pulled into the orbs of our creation, in being their sun and moon we forget that we belong to an order that created them, too. love that you are still holding this close, that you remind me to do so too.