Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sick Kids {What I'm Holding}

Two weeks ago, I woke up with a cold. My grandma's 95th birthday party was planned for the next day, Sunday the 10th. Four hours away. Buck up, Little Camper, I said to myself; you'll have deep regrets if you miss it.

I buckled the three little ones in the minivan; picked up my friend Anjie; and drove to Williamsport, Maryland. I was in fairly bad shape, and it was hot as h-e-double matchsticks in the nursing home. The space was nice enough, but it's a big family, and we were close. Who knows how many people I infected. Grandma already had a cold; still, I tried not to breathe on her too much.

The girls were starting to sound like little donkeys by the time we got home Monday afternoon, and by Wednesday the 13th, I had no choice but to take them to the pediatrician. He put them on steroids for the croup.

Meanwhile, I'd developed a full-blown sinus infection: the first of my life that involved a horrendous mouthache. For days, I blew great quantities of blood out of my head.

By Monday the 18th, Chip had the croup and, the pediatrician discovered, an ear infection in his right ear. Steroid shot. Antibiotics.

The next day, Tuesday, Charleigh started running a fever. I took her back to the pediatrician this past Wednesday the 20th. Her temperature was 103.3, and she had one extremely swollen lymph node in her neck. The doctor checked her white blood cell count and said she has a bacterial infection. She's taken three doses of a high-powered antibiotic, but she's still feverish. Yesterday, she had a rash.

I'm thankful to report that Clementine, Chip, and I seem relatively healthy, at this point, and Jim and Cade have sniffled here and there but are still going strong. Still, I've postponed Clementine's birthday party. Anjie wasn't going to be able to come, anyway; I reckon she has ear, sinus, and viral infections. Pretty sure we're responsible for at least two of the three.

Thanks for praying for her, and for us. Maybe say a prayer for my family in Maryland, too? I'm afraid to ask how they're doing.

But, now, some photos from the last couple of weeks:

Amazing Photo by Anjie Kay:
Grandma B.'s 95th Birthday. 4 Generations.

Clementine and Anjie

Uncle Wiggily

Chip's Visit to Doctor MeMe

Surprise Package from Papaw

Dr. was curious to know if he's always this happy. Yeah, pretty much.

At the dr.'s office. Lion from Papaw.


Hats from Aunt Jill the Tutu Maker

**Sharing with Tea Girl Amy and friends for {What I'm Holding}. Note to Christina: the blanket, as you can see, is still a thing. Instant calming effect.


  1. Saying prayers all around. Such hard decisions when we want and need to be somewhere and sickness interferes. Sick or not, these pics show you hold a lot of joy. Thanks so much for sharing a view of it ~Love~

    1. Thank you, Amy, and thanks for hosting the party. My kids are SUCH a source of joy!

  2. Pretty cute, considering how un-fun recent days have been. Happy to hear that about the blanket. You are the second mom to report that, if you can believe it, but maybe I shared that already. May the Lord restore health and rest to your household.

    Happy birthday to your grandma!

    1. I didn't know about the other blanket. Not surprised! :)

  3. it was worth every single ounce of "sickness" I got some cuddle time with some beautiful people and have an ADVENTURE, my prayers are with all of us..........but mainly for all of you , I am just one person , you on the other hand MEDICINELESS........... ugh I am worried about you ..... for real for real....

    I love you and your family and darn it as soon as I am well (and I am on the upswing) I am coming to make ME ME feel as special as I possibly can .........

    Poor little babies and poor mommy.......... and JIM MUST BE HEALTHY AS A HORSE with a kick butt immunity system......... I thought I had that .........well........... I will get it back...... SOON

    my blanket friend with an "instant calming effect" on me
    I am so thankful


  4. Praying my dear friend! I hope that all illness leaves you home! Lovely pictures as well!