Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Is Here

It started a week ago as a cold, but I'm pretty sure it's developed into a full-fledged sinus infection. I'm experiencing a great deal of pain across the bridge of my nose; under and behind my eyes; in the very center of my forehead; and, oddly enough, across the roof of my mouth and above and between all of my upper teeth.

Yesterday, I could hardly chew on the left side of my mouth. Today, if you were to spy on me, you might catch me scrubbing my gums with my index finger. I feel like a teething baby. Or a puppy.

We took the girls to the pediatrician, Wednesday; he diagnosed them with the croup and put them on steroids. Baby Chip has been uncharacteristically fussy and, at points, feverish. He has a couple swollen lymph nodes.

But I just keep thinking how blessed we are: that Jim can and will work from home in times like these; that the little kids and I don't have to be anywhere, ever.

And nothing has been able to diminish my happiness that Baby Chip is here, that we're all here. It feels so good to be needed by my children: to be someone they want when they're a little too warm or coughly. Even Cade has shown me, lately, that he needs me (although for different reasons), and it's felt like a blessing and a relief; he's not grown, yet.

So we've spent as much time as possible in our pajamas. We've eaten hotdogs off a stick and heart-shaped, cherry M&M pancakes off the griddle. We've played Fancy Nancy, and, in warmer moments, we've scoured the yard for signs of spring...and found them.

Love is here; spring is coming; what more is there, really?


  1. Get well! I'm definitely not jealous of the colds, croup and sinuses, but that you already have blooms makes me a wee bit envious!

  2. I hope you guys feel better soon! I love love love that flower picture!

  3. oh dang...the pancakes look good...smiles...hotdogs ona stick not bad either...hope you feel better soon...that stinks...but well worht a day in pjs...smiles.

  4. When my kids want to 'brush' their teeth none stop I know that they have sinus issues going on....I'm sorry for all you sickies. You get well so that YES you can enjoy the fact that spring is in the air!

  5. feel better!! it seems like you have a pretty good handle on things though.

  6. i so love the way you find the love in it all -- even through your face pain.
    and i adore that last line, "what more is there, really?"
    beautiful, Brandee.