Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Path

Say to me the word path, and I'll see the cut-through Mr. Mike and my dad made, clearing out brush and brambles, knocking down trees so Ben and Anna, my brother and I, could walk between houses and away from the road. Say path; I'll remember how private it was: tramped clean, ever after, by eight small feet.

Hear our happy voices; see our swinging arms. Nothing in the world better than walking through the woods to the house of a friend.

Say path, and I'll see my mother playing tennis, lifting her arm with its racquet in hopes of the return. We children danced away through hedges on a snaking line of dust. No one ever tried to snatch us or lure us with candy. An amphitheater and three playgrounds. Tetherball, crawling barrel tunnel, swings. Sand.

Say path, and I'll remember riding bareback from the meadow, her body barely fitting betwixt the narrow trees. I laid my head against her neck to duck the bending branches, and we belonged to one another. I've never been closer to God.

Say path, and I'll see my daughter running in the winter: her cheeks pink roses, her mouth an upward curve.

**writing in community with Amber and friends


  1. This one brings me back to my childhood and the paths through the woods to the golf course to hunt for golf balls to sell to golfer and make a couple bucks to buy candy. And the path that led to the haunted, read vacant and falling apart, house that all children were dared to enter. I love the smiles a path, especially a new path, can bring to our faces. Adventure. :)

  2. beautiful. love the path you're on;)

  3. Sweet, sweet post. Interesting to think about the 'paths' we've been on and what they mean to us. Your children are adorable and you have a wonderful heart. Your mommy path is definitely one to idol!

  4. I love paths...............sometimes :) this was one of them

  5. I love the carefree energy that you describe, swinging arms, ducking neck - it's all so full of movement and happiness! Fab stuff - thank you.

  6. Hiya, I've come here via concretewords. I've got so many happy childhood memories of walking in the country side too. I find your piece very evocative :-)