Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Teen (and Other) Angst

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. 
If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should’ve behaved better. -Anne Lamott

I'm thinking that the person getting ready to push a 9+ pound baby out of her nethers should, hands down, be the craziest-acting one in the house. Having said that, I'm about to give birth to my fourth 9+ pound baby, and, in my experience and opinion, the other people in the house always act far crazier. This hardly seems fair to the one in so much physical discomfort that she's counting down the hours for an epidural.

The 12.75 year-old, in particular, seems to have lost his ever-loving mind. Picture me as I am, just now, wearing Cat in the Hat pajama pants and sitting in Jim's scungy, blue chair, pondering. I had a high-school band instructor, once, whose habit it was to--with his forefinger--cover the very centers of his chin and lips whilst touching the underside of his nose and saying: "Hmmm," and--if I had facial hair--I could be him, Robert Cobb, in this moment.


What to write, say, do...and not...about my "talented and gifted" student whose grades don't reflect as much, suddenly? His voice is changing; he breaks and loses things with alarming frequency; he thinks he can rock Ringo Starr hair and, deep into fall, plaid shorts.

I'm at a complete loss, and with the others in the house, too, and who am I to try and raise up another someone? But I guess it's too late to worry about that, now, and I really need to go vacuum some log walls; they're very dusty except in those spots where the little ones have been climbing them.

Friday's the big day; wish us luck!


  1. You are in our prayers!!! We are so excited to see Chip, and for you to feel better. :)

  2. I pray for you on Friday, I can hardly wait! And that teen thing? It's just beginning and it goes on and on....sometimes I tell the Lord, "can I just have my baby back?" but, they become little men and sometimes it's hard for us Mom's to accept it and let them the little teen turds that they are (smile). You are an amazing Mom and so THAT is why you get to do it again! LOVE it, don't wait too long to tell us all about it allllll!

  3. Oh, my dear friend! How can you possibly be so funny when about to undergo an epidural?

    And, it really is too late to reconsider the raising up of another, so breathe deep, my friend. I won't say enjoy the ride, cause that just sounds cruel.

    Praying you through and wishing you much joy. See you on the other side.

  4. Good luck indeed! Teens and babies in the same house...I'm living it too!

  5. You deserve to sit in that chair a little longer and ponder your son. He sounds terrific! Praying for a fast healthy delivery. God Bless you.

  6. Praying for you tonight, Brandee - and tomorrow, too! And may I just gently say right here - welcome to the land of male hormones. My easy-going, charming, fun-to-be-with, easier-to-raise-than-his-two-sisters turned into a completely different creature somewhere between 11 and 12. Oy vey. Be patient. And here's one thing I learned that lasted until he was about 16 - if you take him somewhere in the car, just the two of you (preferably a restaurant where he likes the food or snacks), he will talk to you like he used to. Because he doesn't have to make eye contact in the car. It is the necessary pulling away of boy children from their mamas. And I hated it. Hang in, hang on, keep loving him and expecting him to live into his potential. But be patient, too - even when you're exhausted and hormonal yourself. :>) (I'm sure Cade's maturation process is complicated by the fact that you're about to have another baby and that baby is a boy for the first time...)

  7. Wow, but you've got your plate full, eh?
    Enjoy the sweet birthing moments, friend. Only comes once a lifetime.

    And let me know when you've got the teens figured out . . . I'll be needing those notes in a few years. :)

  8. Ooohhhh! I hope it went well!!