Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review: Then I Became a Mother

On Saturday, my friend Robin Kramer began celebrating the release of her book Then I Became a Mother. Having just finished reading it, I celebrate along with her.

Kramer, the mother of three young children, writes honestly about the challenges of early parenthood and offers nine key strategies for navigating and enjoying what is--for every new mother--a confusing, overwhelming time. Kramer doesn't address the detailed, physical aspects of mothering in a how-to manner; rather, she turns her attention to the emotional upheaval that accompanies all little people of families.

If you're at all familiar with Kramer's blog Pink Dryer Lint, you'll treasure this opportunity to travel beyond delightful snippets and into pages written in her same voice: that of a writing instructor, woman of faith, and devoted mother. Experienced mothers will smile and nod while reading, finding much with which to relate, while new mothers will receive Kramer's heartfelt words as those of a wise friend speaking into the chaos.

Robin Kramer shared with me that her prayer is to "encourage and uplift moms," and--because I recognize her book as a means of meeting her objective--I recommend, with pleasure, Then I Became a Mother. It's available for purchase here, through Amazon. Please consider buying a copy not only for yourself but also for someone (else) just beginning the journey of motherhood.

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