Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pt. 3, or More on Idlewild

Last time, I wrote about Story Book Forest of Idlewild, and--before moving on to Pittsburgh--I want to share a few more highlights from Idlewild.

I wanted to visit the park, in part, because of the 1989 trolley ride through Mister Rogers' Neighborhood of Make Believe, which the six of us enjoyed together. I noticed that King Friday's castle could use a little love in the form of paint, but I loved that the Make Believe characters have Mister Rogers' recorded voice. I really felt as though I were inside the Neighborhood of Make Believe and found the experience sweet (albeit slightly cheesy in that warm, fuzzy Mister-Rogers way).

Clementine continues to say, periodically, "Come along to the Hug-N-Song!"

Here are a few of my (many) photos from the ride:

Toddlers have a finite amount of energy, so there are huge chunks of Idlewild that Jim and I didn't explore at all. The girls did ride the carousel, built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1931, twice.

They also enjoyed a few rides in Racoon Lagoon:

And some Dippin' Dots. This photo cracks me up:

The boys weren't with us most of the day but seemed to have a good enough time. They enjoyed SoakZone, in particular. Unfortunately, both the Wild Mouse and the Rollo Coaster--both of which they wanted to ride--were out of order. I remain thankful that Evan was with us because, overall, I thought the park much more friendly to little kids than big ones. With the buddy system in play, we felt comfortable allowing the boys to explore and enjoy themselves as much as possible.

The six of us traveled the fifty miles to Pittsburgh that evening and found lots of fun, there, over the next couple of days.

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