Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adventures with Erin

If anyone else in the world (ok, aside from my brother) had suggested--at this particular point in my life's journey--staying with me for over a week, I would've had a hard time saying "yes": let alone responding with utter excitement and joy.

My house is mostly a wreck. My fuse is shorter than usual (and usual is pretty durn short). I really wanted Erin and Mira to visit, anyway.

Erin is a fellow adventurer, so we did a lot of ripping and tearing while she was here. I reckon we had about as much fun as is possible with a 1yo, 2yo, and 3yo. (It helped a lot that we had the 12yo most of the time.)

We went to Bear Creek Lake State Park. I got only one decent photo all day because--shallow as the water is--Charleigh still misplaces her legs, sometimes, in Bear Creek Lake.

We went to the Science Museum of Virginia, where we watched To the Arctic on IMAX. Imagination Playground had been temporarily taken down and most of the other exhibits were a little "old" for the girls; however, Cade seemed particularly interested in Chris Jordan's art.

Don't be fooled by Charleigh's innocent look, here. Mira's expression cracks me up, too.

Erin, Mira, Clementine, and I paid a visit to Putt-Putt Fun Center for "Big Girls' Night Out":

This photo makes me cry. Literally.

We enjoyed an amazing (breezy) day at Holliday Lake State Park. Last year, I didn't fully appreciate the differences between Bear Creek Lake and Holliday Lake because Clementine was capable and comfortable in both. But Holliday Lake is significantly more shallow and clear and, therefore, much easier and safer for Charleigh (who won't be 2 until August 30th) to navigate.

Trying to Catch a Butterfly

We went to Sunday school, church, and the movies to see Happy Feet 2 through the Regal Summer Movie Express program. We also spent a great deal of time in the back yard.

Clementine: proud of herself for reaching and ringing the bell. Charleigh: hater. Classic.
And this brings me to a picture that is truly worth 1,000 words:

Look at Mira's face. Look at the pool water (YUCK). And that, my friends, is real life. In just over a week's time, Erin and I experienced many, many moments in which someone was unhappy; in fact, we experienced many moments in which more than one person was unhappy. Hell, we even experienced a few moments in which everyone was unhappy. 

And I guess I think it's important to say: if you have yourself a friend who--after twenty years--loves you enough to drive 28 hours (round trip) to enjoy summer with you; to live for over a week in your messy house; and to put up with your and your family's various strains of obnoxia, you're among the most blessed. If you have a "no matter what" friend: a person who's 100% committed to you and invested in your friendship, you've been given a priceless gift.

No matter how wild and woolly it gets, just say: I love you.

I love you, Erin. Come back soon.

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