Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Different Sort of Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father:

Thank You for all the good You work on my behalf and for, every so often, giving me eyes to see it.

Thank You that Charleigh stayed in the play pen and chattered happily for the entire forty minutes it took my neighbors to get the bedroom door open. Thank You for neighbors who are happy to help. Thank You that Clementine, Chip, and I didn't hit the floor when I tripped over the gigantic, rolled-up mat just inside the door of Burger King. Thank You that it started to rain seconds after Jim and I shoved our new dining-room table on the porch, and not before. Thank You that the lifeguard snatched Charleigh (who couldn't seem to find her legs) up out of the lake before she'd even swallowed water.

Please forgive me for all the times I mistrust your blessings: like, every day for months when I was convinced of a problem because I wasn't violently ill with the baby, as I had been with my other children.

Help me to believe: the situations that cause my daily pain might be ongoing, but they are not never-ending. Your Son Jesus has already won every victory; please give me the strength to live my way into that victory with a genuine smile on my face. 

I ask You for peace; proper perspective; and patience with those who--having never been where I've been--do not see as I see. Help me to use my words only in accordance with Your will. Help me to invest my time and energy wisely. Help me in those areas about which I'm not even wise enough to pray.

Most importantly, help me in proving my great love for You in both word and deed.

In Your name I pray,

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