Saturday, June 30, 2012

Family Adventure 2012, Pt. 5

Before heading back to Virginia, we spent a few hours in the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. I told the boys: "The Carnegie Science Center was moreso about you; you might be a little bored in the Children's Museum. If that's the case, please just help the girls have fun." Happily (and unlike the Children's Museum of Richmond!), the Pittsburgh Children's Museum offers plenty for big kids; in fact, Evan told me he preferred the Children's Museum to the Science Center!

The Pittsburgh Children's Museum includes a Wizard of Oz educational exhibit through September 2nd. When I read this before our trip, I was really excited; I'm an Oz fan to the point that--when I told Jim about the exhibit--he shook his head and said: "I have to admit: that seems like a sign that we should go." And the exhibit was definitely for the little ones but very cool! Here are some photos:

Wicked Witch by Andy Warhol

I think this photo hilarious and best enjoyed while listening to the music in the video below.

The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh has Mister Rogers stuff sprinkled throughout. Sadly, because the stage was closed, we weren't able to check out King Friday's castle in the theater, but I think we saw the rest.

Back Side of X's and Henrietta's Tree

Again, Back Side of the Tree

Full-Size Replica of the Trolley

There was so much to do at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum that I told Jim: if we lived nearby, the girls and I would absolutely be members, and I would take them to play in one part at a time. We didn't even venture to Waterplay at all; I know my little Char, and I didn't want her to get soaked right before nap/travel time! Here are a few more highlights from our day, in photos:

Custom Raceway Built with Interchangeable Track Pieces

Building Vehicles with Roller Blade Wheels and Magnetic Blocks

SmartforTwo Car. Evan was great with the girls!

Jim Henson's UrSol the Chanter from The Dark Crystal


As you can see, the six of us had a great time on our family adventure: at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum and otherwise. We ate a picnic lunch at Laurel Hill State Park in Somerset, Pennsylvania on our way home. I didn't take any photos, there, but it was a lovely place, and state parks in Pennsylvania don't charge entrance fees; how nice is that?!

I'll leave you with a photo of Fredosaurus Rex, which was the last thing on my "must see" list for our trip to the Pittsburgh area. He guards WQED, the television station that produced Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for PBS.

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