Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let Her Go to Sea

Some people believe happiness is a choice; I am not one of them. Some mommies put on happy faces every day. I know not because I am one of them, but because I am blessed to have one of them. She makes everything make sense; I shoot for controlled chaos and often miss.

But--even when I'm fighting tooth and nail for happiness--I can do adventure. God made all different kinds of mommies (None is better than any other!), and I'm a mommy of the adventuring variety. I can adventure on autopilot, and I feel least burdened when I'm away from home: when I turn my back on toppling piles of dishes, laundry, and God knows what else. When I waddle away, ducklings in tow. When we pretend the whole world belongs to us.

What would you do give your children 2.5 hours at the ocean? Would you drive 2.5 hours, each way? Last Wednesday, I did, and I'd do it again; in fact, I'm apt to wake up any given morning and drive east until I run out of road. Who's with me?

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