Friday, March 2, 2012

Clementine Turned 3

Oh My Darlin',

No one's ever been the shock to my system that you've been. Sometimes I wonder if you know--in any given situation--what I expect...and do the opposite so as to keep me in a state of pettifoggery.

You turn even the mundane into a wild ride, and I love you for your readiness to adventure. Together, we scoff at the homebodies with whom we live; you and I, we just want to rock 'n' roll. Especially, we want to roll.

I love how you place your hands one on either side of my face, how the half moons of your eyes shrink into crescents when you smile at me. I love the social force in you and the hints of loyalty I recognize, already, in your warm heart.

I love your imagination and quick wit. I love how you make me--all of us--laugh.

On bad days I wonder if you and I will ever get it right: if you'll want me in the room with you while you labor with your very own baby. For this reason, I'm always secretly relieved when--at tuck-in time--I'm still the only person you want to "squeeze your feet."

Here's to Terrific Threes. Mama loves you so very much: you wild thing, you.

With My Dad

With Her "Birthday Tree"

With "Char"

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