Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If You Grieve This Season

Grief, I think, is a good thing. It reveals: we were blessed. We experienced something that--or knew and loved someone who--mattered. I don't recommend our remaining in a state of grief, but it's healthy, I think, to hollow out a space for it: especially during a season of celebration that, frankly, doesn't necessarily come easily.

Powhatan Community Church blessed me, last evening, in their efforts to acknowledge my grief and suffering. I appreciated the opportunity to cry in a dark and quiet room where voices acknowledged my sadness and whispered hope. I appreciated the opportunity to light a candle for the loved ones from whom I was separated in 2011: Bob, Grandpa, Mac, my little cousin Gene. I thought, too, of my grandmother; she's still here, but already so much gone.

If you've suffered a loss this year--of health, job, relationship, home, or loved one--I recommend clicking here (the blue word) to watch the service. It's beautiful in its entirety, but--if you have only four minutes--what I needed to hear most occurred between 45:36 and 49:32 on the video.

Please pass the video on to those in your life who grieve.

May God bless you in this and all seasons.

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