Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Things, Pt. 3

Our church has a tradition of throwing Jesus a birthday party:

This year, Mrs. Louise Lippy explained how Fine Creek started celebrating Jesus's birthday with cake. She explained, too, how the angel on top represents the Angel of the Lord; the star represents the star that led the shepherds to Jesus; and each red candle represents a hundred years since Jesus's birth. I think there were a few other things, too, but I was wrangling Baby Charleigh.

Isn't Mrs. Lippy beautiful, though? She's in her 90's, but she's always perfectly put together. I want to be like her when I'm in my 90's, but--let's get real--I'm not put together now, in my 30's. I'm going to be a wreck of an elderly person. My hair's going to stick up in the back, all the time; I just know it. And make-up? Forget it.

Cade lit the candles while we sang "Silent Night."

Last year, Clementine couldn't be trusted near the birthday cake. (I blogged, here, about our close call.) This year, she behaved really well...beyond some premature candle-blowing.

After the candles had been lit (some of them twice!), we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and invited the children to blow out the candles, together. Mrs. Carol Baltimore took care of the back side. I tried to make sure my piece of cake came from the back side, because I know Mrs. Carol didn't spit on the cake as much as those kids. Mrs. Carol plays the organ and piano for Fine Creek, and she and her husband Mr. Bob were our county's Christmas Mother and Father, this year. Our church family is so proud of them.


Later in the same day (this past Sunday), we celebrated Tractor Man Zach's second birthday:

And, today, the BFFs baked sugar cookies, ate pizza, opened presents, and, basically, had themselves a wild rumpus:

(Trying to get four toddlers to pose for a photo ain't no joke.)

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