Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Post #200: Why I Blog

Blogger assigns #203, but I've one deleted post and 4 (other) unpublished ones, so, technically, this is #200.

I started blogging November 10, 2010 because I saw a coupon code from Blog2Print. Upon investigation, I learned: with a couple clicks, I could at any point have my blogged words bound into a book for my children. Which appealed to me because I'm a hot piggy mess, and I have words everywhere: in folders (paper and electronic), on drives (hard and jump), on myspace, and on facebook.

I saw blogging as an opportunity to write all my new words in one place; to, over time, slide my old words into that same place; and to hit "print" every now and then. This has worked out well, and I've already had two books printed: 111 and 125 pages, respectively, and it's time to order a third.

I suspected that the interactive nature of blogging would fuel my writing, and I was right. I've never been successful at traditional journeling: too lonely! To have others along for the ride makes this endeavor fun for me.

I know my readership would grow more quickly if I settled on a niche: if I blogged only my Christian walk, life as a mom, creative writing, or photos. My blog would absolutely appeal to a wider audience if I stuck to humor or sappy or serious.

Here's the thing, though: ultimately, I'm writing for my kids. There's a part of me that wishes I could say I'm writing for Jesus, but to say so would be a lie. Because I'm not. Don't get me wrong; He's here, and--when I started writing in this place--I had no idea I would write so much about Him, that more of my posts would fall under "Christian Walk" than any other category.

But I'm blogging for my kids: the things about my random, roller-coastery life that I want them to have, should I step off my front porch and get run over by a disgruntled FedEx driver (disgruntled because Jim Dear's ordered 375 diapers, 52 rolls of toilet paper, and 17 large jars of Ragu, again).

I'm blogging everyone I love, here and in heaven, and all the stories I can think to tell. I'm blogging the crazy things my kids do. I'm blogging photos and poetry. And I am blogging Jesus because He is, absolutely, the best friend I have, which is saying something. Because no one...no one has friends like I.

I'm blogging the things I'm thinking and learning. Some of them are controversial, and I promise, I don't blog them to stir the pot. To be honest, I hate dissension: especially within the church (and I mean church in the broadest sense).

I blog them in an effort to be my authentic self. I'm not going to pretend I think everything "church people" say makes sense to me. Or that I think sexual orientation determines a person's eternal home. I'm not going to pretend I haven't interacted with my grandparents since they've died; that I don't love halloween; that I don't ever throw terrible temper tantrums; or that I don't, very often, crave a cigarette.

I'm on a journey. I'm going to look back and shake my head over some of the things I'm blathering on about right now. And that's ok, because--although I would hate to be a stumbling block for anyone--I'm not nearly as concerned with right as I am with right now.

To God be the glory for anything good within me and for working all the time to make me better and more than I am right now.

And, right now? I've got drafts and ideas and lists in Word. Jim Dear says I blog like it's my job, and I hope the sense of urgency I feel doesn't mean I'm going to die and leave my little children motherless.

But. If I do, they'll have my words, and I think my words are a gift.

So thank you, because--by reading and commenting and sharing--you are helping me write for (at least) three people whom God has blessed me--even in all my brokenness and hot-piggy-messiness!--to mother. They thank you, too.

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