Tuesday, August 19, 2014


My Niece Adalynn Grace at the Beach

I've been second-guessing myself, lately: not just in blogging, but there is that. So much pain in the world, and I don't feel inclined to write at length about any of it. Am I wrong, I wonder, because I don't have much to say regarding the headlines? And in all fairness, I guess any blogger could read between the lines of the blogosphere and allow guilt to rest upon his or her shoulders for not writing about a certain something in a certain way, or for writing about one thing in favor of another.

The post I'd planned to write, next, includes the last photos from our July vacation in Lancaster, but I've hesitated. I've hesitated because every time I think of Lancaster, I think of the Amish, and every time I think of the Amish, I think of the seven- and twelve-year-old girls abducted from their family's farm stand and assaulted sexually. I've wondered if it's appropriate to share the photo of our pretending to be Amish at Dutch Wonderland when, up near Canada, there's a very real Amish couple whose daughters have been violated. Their reality is one of my worst nightmares.

I've wondered, in general, if it's appropriate to share my family's blessedness when there's so much trouble in the world, and I don't know. What I do know is: when I'm feeling depressed by the headlines (as I have, lately), it helps me to take and study photographs of my children. They're safe, right now. They're happy, right now. And who knows for how long? I'm earnestly grateful for our surviving--for our thriving!--thus far.

I'm going to blog out the rest of my summer photos and try not to feel guilty for all we don't suffer. I blog primarily to document for my children, and for them I write: not everyone is so blessed. The list of people for whom I'm praying grows longer and longer even as you laugh, swing, and build fairy houses in our back yard. I love you and hope you will always be so happy and that, somehow, the world will right itself and laugh along with you.


  1. Unfortunately, in this 24/7 news cycle, it is easy to see all the sadness in the world. Having worked in the news industry, I can assure you that "if it bleeds, it leads" is a maxim to news producers. Thus we see little of the joy and happiness that is also out there. That's one of the reasons I read blogs such as yours. I see so much elation over just living that it makes my day better!

    I don't think we should bring ourselves down because of the fate of others. It absolutely saddens me that there is so much pain and suffering, and so much of it is in the name of religion of one type or another. That hurts, too. But God doesn't want us to be sad. He wants us happy, and when we are happy and show it, it brings others up, too. I think that is important.

    I hope you can find your happiness again soon. I will be praying for you!

    Peace <3

  2. It's good you have these feelings, Brandee...it's your humanity showing through.



  3. I'm with you Brandee. I love you and sometimes it is overwhelming when you read the headlines. We are so grateful. I praise my precious Father for the protection and the safety that He provides for me and my family. And in the next breath I get on my knees and mostly just say, "Please Jesus, Please" He knows, and He loves........

  4. You have such a beautiful heart Brandee. Big hearts always think big and a lot and sometimes over think things, but that is okay to. It is always a blessing to see the life of a family, and their life together. A family unit is a sacred beautiful thing, and this world needs more blessings to be shown. So I say share talk tell your story and your adventures, cause the world needs to see it and hear your beautiful words. I feel the same way Brandee....I would love to sit across the table with you over coffee and talk about life. Maybe someday that will be one of your posts. A pic of us at your dinner table over coffee. :-)

  5. Jessie Duplantis spoke at our church last week. My two youngest were glued to their chairs. He talked about living on the top of the barrel, about not being ashamed of God's blessings. I know that other's abundant blessing encouraged me growing up - not necessarily financial but sharing, hospitality, laughter, smiles, blesssing - how would I know what it looked like sometimes if other's didn't show it to me. There's something grace-filled about living joy - and inviting people into to live it with you, to share your joy with others. We all struggle - and you and I and so many others try to find the joy, find our God in the struggle and turn hard times into joy. Share it, friend.

  6. I've decided it's not an 'either/or'...rather, it's an 'and'...

    I don't have to choose between feeling joy in God's blessings in my life or grieving the horrible suffering and injustices in this fallen world.

    I can do both...I am compelled to do both...

    And neither negates the other.

    But a little ray of sunshine does make the darkness more bearable.

    Blessings to you, Brandee!