Friday, August 15, 2014

A Spontaneous Prayer Meeting for Bloggers

Dear fellow, Christian bloggers:

In 2013, I  hosted seventeen weekly, prayer meetings in this space, and one week, my bloggy bestie Marlece filled in for me. The last two weeks I hosted, readership was incredibly low and no one commented, so without a word, I quit. To my recollection, no one's ever asked me about it. I don't feel badly about quitting (as if I walked away from a calling), but I do feel disappointed that it didn't work, and when I say that I'm not referring to numbers of participants or comments--which, whatever!--but to a spirit of community.

I've made friends in the blogosphere (real friends!), but I don't have the sense that my bloggy friends are friends with one another. Maybe some of them are, but if so, I'm not involved in those friendships. I'm trying to say that I don't feel like an intregal part of a group in the blogosphere, and that makes me feel sad, and sorry.

Do Christian bloggers gather over the Internet to pray? And if so, would someone kindly invite me to those virtual prayer meetings? Because this week's been hard on me, and I feel like my kindred are, at best, scattered (at worst, competitive and divisive). 

I long for us to come together to pray: to stop--for one moment!--directing our words outward and, instead, direct them upward and in one accord. Matthew 18:20 says: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I, in the midst of them" (KJV). I know you believe these words right along with me.

I can't think of a better time to gather and pray. I'm so overwhelmed in my spirit, right now, over the headlines, alone: Israel, Iraq, Syria, Ferguson, the Texas-Mexico border, Michael Brown, John Crawford III, Robin Williams, Ebola. I could keep going and probably should; I've inevitably neglected to list the crisis a precious someone holds most dear.

If you're like me, you feel as though you should be able to speak--if not write!--with intelligence and sensitivity about all of the above people/situations. The pressure feels intense, at times. You don't want to let anyone--the Lord, other people, or yourself!--down.

So I invite you to agree with me in prayer:

Heavenly Father, You have made us so different, and each of us has a special purpose; thank You. We ask You to direct our paths. We pray that You will give us wisdom during this difficult and overwhelming time. Help us to know what to say (or not say), and when. Help us to encourage, not discourage: to help, not hurt. Give us the will to seek Your face continuously; to submit to the leading of Your Spirit; and to work together to fulfill Your purposes. We are so thankful to have You in common and to have gathered in this strange but wonderful way. We love You, Lord, and we thank You for sending Your Son into this broken place to die for us. We know there's nothing we can do to repay You, but give us the desire to draw closer to You all the time so as to better absorb and reflect Your most holy light. In Your name we pray, amen.

Thank you so much for being here with me. Feel free to invite others to come as they will; everyone is welcome! And may God bless and keep each of you during these highly-charged moments.

With love, Brandee


  1. Thank you, Brandee. To be able to pray with someone, whether in person or online, is a great privilege. Like you, the condition of the world can really get me down, but I believe God would have us look up with hope, for our redemption draws near. In the meantime, I want to be praying without ceasing for those who are in need or in trouble, or searching for truth.

  2. Agreeing with you in prayer, Brandee.

  3. Oh Brandee, THIS made me tear up! My heart is heavy as well. SO much! This is such a time that because so far removed from the things in this world, it makes me feel helpless and anxiety filled. But I also have to remember that the biggest number one thing I can do is PRAY. He hears me, He hears you. Lately, as I've seen children being killed or whatever, I feel like I don't even have words. Most of the time it is with a tear and a "Please Jesus!" I'm not sure how many times I have said that just this past week. I love your heart and yes, I pray right along with you friend. Love you! I really do.

  4. Love the old fashioned church and the wooden pews. You wonder how many prayers have been prayed and how many tears have fallen.

  5. Brandee, I love this post. My hope is that more folks participated than you are aware of. You have to wonder how many folks have read your blog, prayed, and simply didn't share. I can raise my hand as "guilty"! Often your words speak exactly what is on my heart, so I feel any response from me would be a duplication and would not add any additional value. Now I see that perhaps I missed an opportunity to encourage. Please forgive me!

    The blogosphere is truly a strange place. One where you can feel close to someone you have not yet met in the flesh. We have to remember that, like any relationship, it requires work and effort on our part to maintain the relationship and to facilitate communication. Again, I am guilty of benefiting from the "read" and not giving back with my "thoughts and comments". My issues with wondering if my thoughts even matter likely play a huge role in my reluctance to reach out in response. That's truly a personal flaw I need to overcome. I'm praying about it!

    I agree that the issues in the news the past few weeks have been alarming, discouraging, frightening, and lend themselves to a feeling of helplessness. Similar to your need to take a break from FB, I find I sometimes cannot watch the news on television. It's wrong not to face what's happening, but the helpless feeling is not one that sits well with me. The urge to offer help and assistance to the helpless and vulnerable is strong -- yet, I can find no way that I can help -- other than prayer. If nothing else, your post encouraged me that others are praying, too, and I'm not alone. I remember studying the Holocaust as a child and wondering WHY people didn't do something to stop what was happening ... and now I feel like I'm living in a similar time. So, thank you for facilitating a chance to pray together.

    Jesus, I know how you love us. Please help us to feel Your Presence and to recall that You are ultimately in control. You have already won the battle. Help us to see the opportunities that are presented to us that will allow us to make a positive difference, to encourage one another, and to Glorify and point to You. We love you, and we are so thankful for the hope that You give us and the world. Thank you for Brandee and her sweet spirit. Encourage her today! In Jesus Name, AMEN!

  6. That's a beautiful prayer, and I spoke it with you. Thank you for that affirmation of faith, in such a beautiful entreaty to God.

    Peace <3

  7. I am praying with you, Brandee. Bless you for your faithfulness and for sharing your heart.

    xxoo laurie

  8. Thank you for reminding me to pray in community. I pray as things come up throughout the day or when someone asks - but to stop and pray right now on a Friday night is a good thing. The best thing. Praying along with you that we would encourage each other - online friends or strangers - and that it would spill over to our off-line lives.

  9. Tiptoeing in to add my voice. Amen, Brandee. Thank you.

  10. Hi Brandee,

    Sorry I missed your blog prayer times. I have been intermittent in my blogging this month with packing for a move, delayed closing dates, and then a whisked away family road trip to see older relatives. Praying together is a great idea though. While meeting together at a certain time to pray online would be harder for me, it's easier for me to instead pray as I read a post by someone right then. That's what I've done with your posts at times, and for others too.

    I'm sorry you have had a harder week. There are many hard sadder things right now, huh, with Syria's war, the Ebola epidemic, Robin William's death, and more. I am thankful for a God who is huge and loving and who is never taken by surprise. May we reach out in love to the hurting ones around us.

    I'm sorry that online community is different than in skin community, It's true, huh? Getting to know each other deeply takes time in any medium, I imagine.

    Jennifer Dougan

  11. what a crazy world we live in eh? and a rough week...and its back to school for me...and the boys...and ...and...smiles...i preached sunday on trusting god...not just believing but trusting...and yep...preaching to well...smiles.

  12. Even though we only see each other about every 10 years (we are overdue by the way), I am your friend. I miss talking to you and I remember our last conversation vividly. Anything I can do for you, please let me know. I love your blog and it makes me feel close to you even with our distance.

    The problem with blogging is that it must sometimes feel like much is going out and little is coming in. That could very well be true in terms of words on a screen, but not in emotions sent in return. Many of us you send out to very much look forward to your next words and take them to heart, even though we may not post a "reply." I hope this makes sense. Bottom line is... I hope you don't get further discouraged from a lack of response (of a blog or anything else in life). You never know the reasons why there is a void there. The reasons could be one of a million possibilities.

  13. Brandee - you found me in the desert and you called me out. Thank you sister loved by God! I needed you to reach out to me and when you did, you made a friend. It has taken me a few days to find your blogpost. But I am so glad I have. I join you in praying,

    Father God, Holy One, Lord above, all knowing one. You alone are worthy of our praise. We confess Lord that we need you to help us. We are weak, and our heart is deceitful. Thank you Father for your son Jesus, for his shed blood that covers our sins and seals our adoption papers into your family. You love us so. God we pray that we would allow your love to transform us. That we would no longer fight for our rights, Father God, but that we would finally break and surrender our will to yours. The one who sets all things right. There is no righteousness in us. We are made righteous by you alone. Father, we bend our knees, we lift our eyes and give our hearts to you. Lord, do with us what you will. Let us love one another with a brotherly love. In Jesus name, Amen.