Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Unblogged Happiness: April Edition, Pt. 2

The following photos were all taken in East Tennessee (at either Jim's mama's or my parents') during the second half of April.

Naptime at Mamaw's

My Sister-in-Law Jill, Dying Eggs with the Kids

Obviously, my shutter speed wasn't what it should've been, but I love the delight on Clementine's face. We were making Empty Tomb cookies.*

Jim's mama with her grandbabies, all dressed for the church service we had right there in the living room. Chip was being pretty uncooperative, so we handed him a bag of jelly beans and told the others not to look at him :)

Easter Egg Hunt

My beautiful niece Adalynn Grace, sleeping in her mamaw's bed. This is my favorite photo from all of April.

Such a sweet moment: playing jack-in-the-box with Jim's mama.

Daddy's Girl

I had my photo taken on this swing the day Jim and I got married.

Pretty Boy (The hens are named Carla, Charla, Darla, Marla, and Starla.)

He'd taken quite the tumble the day before: down only one step, but the fine gravel at the bottom took a toll. He's looking much better, now.

Mom e-mailed me this photo that one of her friends took with her phone. She had a fancy tea party with the girls while Jim and I were in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. LOVE my mom.

*Empty Tomb cookies are cookies with a story (that of Jesus's death and resurrection) that include only a few ingredients and taste good. The little girls seemed to really enjoy making them. Click here for the recipe/instructions we followed.


  1. I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing both series of April photos. You are missed on FB but it's nice to see you here.

  2. I love these beautiful peeks into your life.