Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Unblogged Happiness: April Edition, Pt. 1

04/01 - Spring day (at last!) at Midlothian Mines.

We were happy that it was a non-poisonous baby and that we didn't step on it!

04/02 - Picnic and play at Camp Huff. (How many kids can you count? I count 8 aside from both woman and dog.)

I have photo after photo of his following her. She stayed, always, a little ahead. He finally gave up. Poor Chip.

04/05 - Celebrating my brother's 37th birthday...and his wellness. Thank You, Lord.

04/08 - My favorite bunny in all the world.

04/09 - Eating marshmallows straight out the bag. Sometimes everyday happiness is very happiest.

04/10 - An outfit she chose herself. Alice in Wonderland socks :)

04/12 - Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Charleigh's expression: so funny!

Look what Daddy won!

04/13 - Hunting eggs and celebrating Rachel's birthday with our small group and other friends.



Jackson and Joellen

Our Beautiful Hostess / Birthday Girl

Ava and Charleigh

April was, obviously, a beautifully busy month. We were thrilled to return to the great outdoors, and I struggled in recording my thoughts (and photos). This post has gotten ridiculously long, so I'll post the rest of my unblogged, April photos separately.


  1. YES! LOVE feeling 'good' when being outside in the sunshine, love all the pictures!

    1. It helps so much, the warmer weather. Truly, I almost feel like a different (happier) person based upon the sunshine alone!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! The pictures are wonderful, well composed, lighting is perfect every time! I love them! Isn't it great to get the kids outside and let them run off all the pent-up winter energy? My mom fed us breakfast, shoved us out the door to school, and let us back in just in time for dinner, bath, and bed! HAHAHA (Three boys will do that to you.)

    Great post!
    Peace <3

    1. My kids behave so much better when I can run them like wild ponies! :)

  3. THIS IS THE BEST BEST BEST YET I am very proud of you with this photos especially love the one of chip and the dog....but most of all I feel your presence in every single photo....

  4. I hope not a repeat but the word that best describes this beautiful photo essay that comes to mind is "present" you are so present in them and I can feel you and the love <3 so proud of you and this blog... love you