Monday, March 31, 2014

Unblogged Happiness: March Edition

What's that old saying about March? In like a lion, out like a lamb? Well, in the Greater Richmond Area,  March 2014 was more like Lion!...Lamb!...Lion chasing lamb!...Lamb!...Just kidding: lion! It was crazy-making. We had days in the 70's followed by snow and ice storms. Scary enough, my mood somewhat mirrored the weather. It didn't help that we had bouts with what I think were two different stomach bugs.

I wish I could write out, in this space, everything I'm thinking and feeling, but fact is: I don't feel like it's appropriate to do so. I'm learning that--as grumpy as it makes me--there are seasons in which the stories that affect me most aren't really mine to tell.

I missed some amazing shots in March. I'd just dropped Cade off at school, one morning, when I drove up on some deer in the woods in front of our house. They didn't even startle: just stood there in the freshly-fallen snow, looking at me. I'm also particularly sorry that I failed to capture Charleigh, clad in red feeted jamas and pink cowboy boots and running down an aisle in Food Lion. I left my camera behind on several other occasions, besides, but here are some photos I did manage to take.

03/08 - The little kids and I visited the Children's Museum of Richmond so they could meet Daniel Tiger. If you're not familiar with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS Kids, it's a cartoon based upon The Neighborhood of Make-Believe from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. We're fans.

Dr. MeMe. Great shot of the haircut she gave herself.

03/09 - The little kids and I attended a party for our friend Maeve's 5th birthday.

03/09 - A couple more from the "Glinda Shoot."

 03/10 - Birthday, ballet outfit from Auntie Jill the tutu maker. Visit her Etsy shop by clicking here.

03/11 - Day at the Metro Richmond Zoo. I took very few photos; it was so stinkin' hot that the animals hardly moved. We bought annual passes, though, so there will be plenty of zoo photos before it's all said and done.

Not a particularly happy moment, but entertaining in its own way. We never did figure out what his problem was,  despite his going on and on about it. Out of character for my Chip of a yumster.

03/15 - Chuck E. Cheese's. Back in February, when I was blogging about Clementine's circus birthday party, I left out the harrowing part about her manifesting, mid-party!, the very first signs of pink eye. We'd promised a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's the day after her party but ended up postponing until March.

It was crowded, and we lost Chip for a few minutes, but Samwise found him: said Chip was encroaching on someone's game by pounding a giant button (hee hee).

Sam and Clementine. I have a photo just like this of Cade's first time in the car with Chuck E.

I quite like the Chuck E. Cheese's art. At $1 for the frame and roughly $.40 for the art, you can't beat it! 

03/19 - Cade and I survived the science fair again, this year. Both he and Maddie (the babysitter for our small group) earned second-place ribbons.

09/22 - Jim had never been to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, and I hadn't been for many years (7? 8?). We know we're not going to be able to vacation like we did, last year, so we bought summer passes. Cade was with us, too, but he and his friend Phillip were off doing their own thing.

The Mom I Want to Be

The Wife I Am ;)

Chip's New (to him) Kicks

Charleigh's face!

A close-up: LOVE it!

 03/27 - Fun in the back yard.

I'm thrilled that Chip can walk around the back yard, this year.

03/29 - Rachel's baby shower. So excited about our miracle of a "lake baby," due in June.


  1. Love, love, love the pics, Brandee! I can't believe your tiny little man is so big! What a sweet face. Love the princess pics and that cool African carousel is awesome! That science fair looks great and congrats on the wins! I hear you on the spring teasing. We're sooo thankful today for a little warmth!

  2. What? Cade didn't come to meet the brown and red tiger?! Congrats to him for his science fair project. That's great! I imagine at his age, it's hard to pin him down for a picture. FAST SHUTTER SPEEDS! HAHAHAHA

    Really nice pics! Good times with the family! They look a lot like my family when we were growing up.

    Peace <3

  3. Mom I want to Be pic- oh my brought tears.. so the Mom I want to Be too!!!

  4. First of all, you are a fun Mom! Secondly, that photo of you in the stocks, priceless and funny! Thirdly, Chip, WAAAHHH!, he's barely a baby anymore!

  5. What a wonderful set of pictures, Brandee!! Your children are GORGEOUS and fun and smart and you are a good mama. Loved scrolling through all these.

  6. Wow...what a amazing moments you have captured, Brandee! I love watching all of your babies growing {{hugs}} Love that pic of you in the stocks lol!

  7. I always love your pictures. Chip is growing so fast. And I love the tutu picture. Carol