Monday, March 24, 2014

An Exciting Something

Charleigh on Her 3rd Birthday. Mark Cline's Hippo, Natural Bridge Zoo.

I got an e-mail, the other day, from Mark Cline."Want to help fund this before I die?" he asked, and he included a link for a Kickstarter project: a documentary about Cline called Blue Ridge Barnum. According to filmmaker Emma Mankey Hidem, filming's 95% complete, and the team's beginning post-production. They're trying to raise the necessary funds to finish and release the film.

Jim and I became backers within moments of receiving the e-mail. We've viewed so much of Mark Cline's work free of charge that we count it a privilege to give a little something back. (To read my post about meeting Mark Cline, click here.) I'm thinking the team will have no problem raising the necessary funds if they can get the word out. I'm determined to do my part and hope you'll come alongside.

Why should you care about this? For so many reasons.
  • Because you care about art and artistic expression.
  • Because you care about a person who dares to follow his dreams.
  • Because you care about a person who lives to bring others joy (and very often for free).
  • Because you care about a person who makes childhood (and adulthood) magical for so many.
  • Because you care about a person who helped bring Bethlehem to life
  • Because you care about a person so called/driven that not even TWO suspicious fires have been able to stop him.

Trust me, to meet Mark Cline is to love him. Please click here to watch the clip from Blue Ridge Barnum and consider how you might help. Do you have a dollar or three to help fund the project? Can you help spread the word on social media and/or in the blogosphere?

The world should have the opportunity to be inspired by Mark Cline and his work. It really should. This is important.


  1. I'll look into this on payday! Looks very cool.

    Peace <3

  2. i have been by his place in Natural Bridge...seen Foamhenge from the road but never stopped...good for the dragon i never grew up...yes project...and a cool video...