Friday, February 7, 2014

Unblogged Happiness: January Edition

01/03 Christmas clearance Rice Krispies train.

01/16 Charleigh's first haircut. (She wasn't unhappy so much as contemplative.)

01/18 & 19 Clementine (2nd from L) & her dance class participate in two charity events.

Older (dancing) brother of one of Clementine's dancing girlfriends:
I just really like this photo.

Clementine (R) and her friend Josie.

Little girls all in a line. Waiting to perform.

01/22 Snow day.

01/25 Cade celebrates his 14th birthday.

01/29 He was after her cookie.

He got it.

01/31 It makes me happy when kids do this sort of thing with the decor.


  1. Your eye for beautiful photos matches your art with beautiful words, Brandee. It's a nice glimpse into the everyday "unblogged" moments -- often the best moments of all.

  2. Love seeing the month in review : )

  3. ha. i love the looks on the kids faces through out....
    so expressive.....left me smiling...
    having a good weekend?

  4. love the pictures, looks like a good 'unblogged month'.

  5. I'm smiling. Thanks for blogging your happiness. It's so good to notice it when it is right in front of you. You inspire me.