Friday, February 28, 2014

Unblogged Happiness: February Edition

February included its share of heartache, for sure, but when I look back through my (previously unblogged) photos, I see so much beauty. I hope you see it, too.

Feb 1 - 3: Time at my parents' in East Tennessee just after Mom's foot surgery.

Dad took the girls to Sunday school and church. So precious.

Feb 9: Grandma's 96th birthday party (and a beautiful snow) in Maryland.

Just particularly like this photo of Clementine and her "Uncle Barry."

Jim, behind the wheel, enjoyed this drive much less than I.

 Feb 13: Back in Tennessee. Fun in the snow, with Papaw.

Had to include this photo because my slip of a Charleigh in snow pants cracks me up every time.

Snow Angels

They were saying: "Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy!"

I took this through the stained glass of my parents' front door.

Feb 16: The beautiful drive home.

Feb 22: The opportunity to meet and photograph! the newest member of our small group.


  1. I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: you take AMAZING photos, Brandee!

  2. Looks like a full February from tears, to smiles, I'd say this was a month that would make March sit back and breath. Love all the pictures girl!